Pinnacle You: Removing obstacles, reaching example of narrative essay about friendship new heights!

Results are driven by the relationships you have with people.  Building relationships is key to achieving results, yet many leaders struggle in this area and see it as an “extra”.  I genuinely care about people and want to help them achieve results.  I consistentl essay service y get feedback that my clients see that in me.

Pinnacle You offers confidential executive business coaching, teambuilding, and leadership training programs including a specialty in presentation skills. We partner with leaders and organizations to achieve higher results through clarity and execution.

Here, Christy describes her journey into a successful career of helping people grow and exceed in today’s fast-changing business world.

Have you heard the phrase, no risk no reward? In 1998, I took a risk and left the security of a great corporate job based on the confidence of a mentor who believed in me. I thought if it didn’t work out, I could always get another job. Today, I am still reaping the rewards of helping leaders reach new heights for themselves and their organizations. Pinnacle You has grown and evolved over the years just like many organizations.

Coaching is currently a popular profession. It has been my entire career.  I was fortunate to discover my passion early  after facilitating a six-week new hire training class in the Telecommunications industry. My boss thought I was excelling in my job and could teach other people how to be successful. Sound familiar? I am grateful to this day that he saw something in me all those years ago and encouraged me to try something new. I have learned so much along the way in more than 20 years of professional experience as a global leadership training facilitator and coach, helping many Fortune 500 company leaders all over the world. It has given me a vast amount of insight into organizations and company cultures in a variety of industries. My experience also includes leading a training, communication and quality team of over 250 people, giving me insight into the challenges leaders face in organizations.

I believe that life is a journey of learning.  My Dad took classes in the 1950’s to improve his speaking and leadership skills as a mason of the lodge.  He was dedicated to helping others and making a difference.  He would inquire about any challenging people I came across during my week.  I would respond that no one was quite as challenging as him.  I often coached him on his interpersonal skills in today’s world since he was a Traditionalist, that grew up in the depression.  By having an open mind, persistence, and commitment, people can learn and change behavior.

That philosophy guides me in developing leaders. What makes the work especially rewarding is the eagerness to learn, to change, to help an organization survive that I see in people -at every organization level, around the world. Cultures and backgrounds of people in international environments differ of course, but the desire to contribute does not. Our processes and programs improve with the interchange of thoughts and experiences and energy of the people in them.  Our programs work because of the effort people invest in them. Their organizations work because they invest in people. I am passionate about making a difference and investing in a career to help leaders and organizations achieve their goals.