In a recent meeting, a client commented about someone I coached for 12 months, ”I have seen such a noticeable change in confidence and behavior. academic essays online A real leader has emerged.”  I am so proud!

“I hired Christy to do targeted one-on-one coaching based on a 360 feedback I received about my communication style with vendors. Christy started our session with reviewing my MBTI results, which gave me a valuable perspective on my personality preferences. She also incorporated emotional intelligence exercises designed to increase my awareness of my communication style. My session with Christy was effective, and the tools she gave me were practical and easy to implement. Working with Christy, I was able to develop strategies to improve my communication with vendors, and get a positive outcome in my dealings with them. I have seen improved results in both my professional and personal communication as a result of the coaching. I would highly recommend Christy for executive coaching to anyone who aspires to be a better, more order a custom essay effective leader.”

Monica Letch
Sr. Manager Marketing

“I worked with Christy over the course of a 9-month leadership-training project for BNSF.  What strikes me about Christy is her genuine care for people – not only for the participants of our sessions but also for those of us with whom she worked.  She demonstrates exceptional “stand-up” training and facilitation skills, as well as individual coaching talent.  I strongly recommend Christy for consulting work that involves coaching, training and/or facilitation.”

T. Scott McTague, M.S.
Director of Market Solutions
Assess Systems

“I have known and worked with Christy for over 23 years.  She is a highly respected individual in the leadership development field.  Her executive coaching process is unique and impactful and has proven results.  The mental models really helped me get clarity around deeply rooted beliefs that drive behavior and reframing that pushed me into new ways of being and working with perceived obstacles.  You can tell when someone is passionate about what they do and Christy certainly demonstrates genuine sincerity and caring when it comes to helping others achieve their goals.  She is a great coach and role model and has demonstrated much success in achieving her own goals.   I highly recommend Christy to anyone looking to develop their skills as a leader, reach that next level in the organization, polish their professional presence, or improve their communication or presentation skills.  I have also seen her facilitate an MBTI team building session that achieved great results.  She’s an extremely talented facilitator.”

Lynne Cacciola
Learning and Development PM

“Christy is a highly experienced facilitator and coach.  She has been one of our leadership facilitators for the past 6 years on a large scale project where we have seen tremendous results and impact.  Her professionalism, care and concern, and adaptability to meet client needs is evident throughout her interactions.  Christy is also certified in ROI Coaching.  We select people carefully to go through our ROI Executive Coaching process and Christy shined in her abilities as a coach, using her intuition to push clients to big discoveries and achieve results.  Creativity is also a strength for Christy when it comes to training design opportunities.  She recently consulted on some design ideas for a new program.”

Susan Steinbrecher
Steinbrecher and Associates, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Christy for over 2 years and have been very impressed by her professionalism and devotion to her clients. She is a hard working and focused Facilitator and Coach. Christy is always willing to step up when others hesitate and therefore she is highly respected by her peer group. I will always jump at the opportunity to work with Christy and learn from her vast experience.”

Barbara Dela Cruz
Talent Manager at Central Market

Christy and I have been collegues for the past 18 years starting with work at MCI Telecommunications developing initial customer service training. She is a creative course designer and always put in 100% effort while training an intense 6 week program. Most recently we have worked together on a project that is challenging and rewarding which requires maximum flexiblity as a facilitator and coach. Christy’s strongest attibutes are her abilities to listen, lead with positive reinforcement, adaptation to any situation, excellent presentation skills, and she is very intuitive and specific when coaching her clients. I always look forward to working with Christy.

Alison Matthey
Owner / Principal
Dynamic 365 (